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A studied political analyst and born historian, Brownstein is an expert in blending American history with current events to provide a “big picture” view of our society today. In the captivating discussion, he’ll take a fresh approach to assessing the current political landscape – putting past elections and cultural revolutions into context to deliver a poignant, non-partisan look at where we are headed.

Sharing insights from his latest book "Rock Me on The Water," Brownstein will compare the story of Los Angeles in 1974 to where we are today – a transformative moment where a massive younger generation was intent on change, and popular culture was ahead of politics in predicting what America would become.

Dubbed “one of America’s best political journalists” by The Economist, he will weave his deep understanding of American history with his sharp, trustworthy analysis of contemporary politics, policy, and healthcare to dive into latest happenings in Washington, what’s next for the administration, and what lies ahead for the nation’s politics and greater society.
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